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Institute for Animal Experimentation

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Institute for Animal Experimentation

(Established: May 1, 1972)

The institute was established to support animal experimentation for life science research, and was renovated in 2014.

Central Research Division

Eligible animal species

Mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, pigs, sheep, monkeys and other animals

Rearing rooms and laboratories

Animal rearing rooms, surgery and experimental treatment rooms, behavioral analysis room, biological specimen analysis room, experimental infection rooms, X-ray irradiation room and imaging room

Analytical instruments

X-ray irradiation system, in vivo imaging system, two-photon microscopy

Technical support

Freezing and storage of embryos (eggs, sperm), cleaning of pathogen-infected animals, guidance on animal experiment techniques

Number of Registered Laboratories and People (As of March 2017)

  Laboratories Numbers of Registered
Graduate School of Medicine 26 203
Other Departments in School 4 38

Number of Facility Users (Fiscal Year 2015)

Number of Users (Apr. 1, 2016 – Mar. 31, 2017) 24,155
Daily Average Number of Users 66