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International Academic Exchanges

The Graduate School of Medicine is promoting international collaborations through exchanges of researchers and joint research projects. Currently, we have concluded international exchange agreements with 31 universities outside Japan (as of April 2019).

As an international exchanges project, we have established an international exchange fund to provide assistance and aid to be able to invite and accept non-Japanese researchers, dispatch and train young researchers, and provide scholarships and aid to international students.

(As of April 2019)

International Exchange Program
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong (China)

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong (China)

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong (China)
Mahidol University (Thailand)

Mahidol University (Thailand)

Mahidol University (Thailand)

International Relations Division Supports International Students

International Relations Division, Center for Medical Education and International Relations

As of April 2019, 43 international students from 9 countries study at the Graduate School of Medicine. Staff members of the International Relations Office are responsible for creating a comfortable environment for international students, and provide academic and personal support.

Staff members

Staff members

Our mission is to increase the presence of the Graduate School of Medicine on the international scene. We promote partnerships with institutes and faculties overseas, share the latest technologies and knowledge, and provide students with quality education that meets the needs of diverse and global society.

International Relations Office 2

Agreement Concluded with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Germany)

We also strive to nurture responsible global citizens and leaders for the future. We host seminars and events designed to help students acquire practical knowdlege in medicine and research, as well as manners and communication skills useful in the global society.

International Relations Office 3

Events to interact with international students

The Voice of the International Students

The Voice of the International Students, a newsletter for promoting exchanges with international students, is issued.
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Visit the website for further information.

Message from an International Master's Student

Devoted to public health

Master's Student
Public Health Course (Two-Year Course), Department of Hygiene

People's Republic of China

Yang Yichi

I was interested in infectious disease control using statistical methods since I was in undergraduate school. I used infectious disease surveillance data from Japan when I wrote my bachelor thesis.Considering the impact of the advanced surveillance system, I decided to continue my study in Japan.

Catching the dynamics of infection disease outbreaks and estimating the characteristics of an outbreak, like determining its final size, contributes greatly to disease control and prevention. It supports vaccination campaigns, disease elimination, health policy proposals, and much more.

My ongoing study is “Estimating the transmission potential of influenza using distributions in serial cross-sectional seroepidemiological surveys”, in which I am trying to make use of previous seroepidemiological study outcomes when estimating the transmission potential of influenza. Though there are lots of difficulties in research, I will try my best to overcome these under the supervision of the professors.

Thanks to specialists working in Hokkaido University, acknowledge and experience I learned here will become a lifelong capital for me.

(As of May 2019)

Yang Yichi Yang Yichi

Message from an International Doctoral Student

PHD in medicine

Doctoral Student
Basic Medicine Course, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

People's Republic of China

Wang Yu Min

We will experience a rapidly aging society soon. Even without damaging the brain, in a sense, everyone is at risk to become afflicted with disabilities. It is not alarmist to stress that society is seeking increasing numbers of rehabilitation specialists. This made me choose to enroll in the Department of Rehabilitation to avoid missing a great opportunity by making this leap.

Currently, I am engaged in diagnosis such as of higher brain dysfunction, post-traumatic cerebral infractions, and animal experiments. We are trying to illuminate and lay bare the rehabilitation mechanism from theviewpoint of muscle protein synthesis by promoting gene transcription at the molecular biology level. I wish to contribute to reducing the numbers of bedridden elderly people and show how to lead to a favorable prognosis.

Surrounded by magnificent nature and delicious food in Sapporo, I can start daily research with a fresh mood. There is even the more fascinating opportunity to encourage and compete with others who have been raised in different cultures while I am studying at Hokkaido University.

(As of April 2018)

Wang Yu Min Wang Yu Min