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International Academic Exchanges

The Graduate School of Medicine is promoting international collaborations through exchanges of researchers and joint research projects. Currently, we have concluded international exchange agreements with 30 universities outside Japan (as of April 2022).

As an international exchanges project, we have established an international exchange fund to provide assistance and aid to be able to invite and accept non-Japanese researchers, dispatch and train young researchers, and provide scholarships and aid to international students.

(As of April 2022)

International Exchange Program
Mahidol University (Thailand)

Mahidol University (Thailand)

Mahidol University (Thailand)

International Relations Division Supports International Students

International Relations Division, Center for Medical Education and International Relations

As of April 2022, 46 international students from 8 countries study at the Graduate School of Medicine. Staff members of the International Relations Office are responsible for creating a comfortable environment for international students, and provide academic and personal support.

International Relations Division

International Relations Division

Our mission is to increase the presence of the Graduate School of Medicine on the international scene. We promote partnerships with institutes and faculties overseas, share the latest technologies and knowledge, and provide students with quality education that meets the needs of diverse and global society.

International Relations Division 2

Agreement Concluded with Korea University (Korea)

We also strive to nurture responsible global citizens and leaders for the future. We host seminars and events designed to help students acquire practical knowdlege in medicine and research, as well as manners and communication skills useful in the global society.

International Relations Division 3

Events to interact with international students

The Voice of the International Students

The Voice of the International Students, a newsletter for promoting exchanges with international students, is issued.
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Visit the website for further information.

Message from an International Master's Student

Research and Life

Master's Student
Medical Science Course, Department of Stem Cell Biology

People's Republic of China

ZOU Peilin

I entered the master's course because I wanted to discover unknown science practically based on my passion for medicine. At Hokkaido University medical school, I could study stem cells as I had wished, and explored new therapies for brain tumors using stem cells. The life of man begins from a cell, so the answer of life is hidden in the cell, and the small cell holds the secret I have been searching! It is the significance of our efforts to apply answers from cells to animal experiments, and gradually progress to patients. For me, the joy of scientific research lies in combining the research results of my predecessors with my own knowledge, putting forward possible ideas and experimenting with my own hands to verify the applicability of my ideas. Although it is sometimes hard, it's all worth it, because we may not only realize our dreams, but also bring new hope to suffering people. Let's dream together and proceed steadily.

(As of April 2022)

Message from an International Doctoral Student

Paving the way for medical research using statistical knowledge

Social Medicine Course, Department of Biostatistics

People's Republic of China

Yang Yichi

I became interested in statistical methods implemented in medicine and public health areas when I was an undergraduate student majoring in preventive medicine. After studying infectious disease modeling in my master’s course, I became more and more interested in the mathematics and statistics behind the methodology. This is why I chose to join the department of biostatistics to engage in further study of statistical methods for medicine.

I am currently analyzing asthma cohort study data collected by physicians from the department of respiratory medicine at Hokkaido University Hospital under the supervision of Associate Professor Yokota. This led to my current research theme, which is a joint model for survival analysis of recurrent events. Standing on the shoulders of giants, I hope to further build on the current model developed and improved thus far to better match the respiratory function data collected from asthma patients and propose protocols for the prevention of asthma and the prediction of asthma exacerbations.

I would like to continue making every effort to analyze clinical data in an appropriate and effective manner using my statistical skills to pave the way for medical research.

(As of April 2021)

Wang Yu MinWang Yu Min