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Philosophy and Objectives


Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine and Hokkaido University School of Medicine lead the world with cutting-edge research in medical science, and aim to equip the next generation of medical researchers and medical professionals with a strong sense of ethics and a well-rounded character to contribute to the health and welfare of humanity.

Educational and Behavioral Objectives

Educational objective

To help students develop advanced levels of knowledge and research skills in the fields of medical and life sciences and gain profound insights that will help them meet the needs of society

Behavioral Objectives

  • To develop highly specialized knowledge and research skills in the fields of medical and life sciences in order to nurture inquiring minds for in-depth scientific exploration of questions and hypotheses
  • To develop the skills needed for international promotion of world-leading cutting-edge medical research
  • To develop the ability and judgment students require to meet diverse and extensive needs related to the public health and safety of local communities and the international community
  • To instill in students a respect for the sanctity of life so that they can play significant roles in their fields with a strong sense of ethics

Research and Behavioral Objectives

Research objectives

To promote world-leading research in the school in its role as part of a major Japanese university and to advance knowledge frontiers for the prosperity of humanity

Behavioral objectives

  • To contribute to the development of unique, pioneering basic research
  • To promote clinical medicine and social medicine as areas of practical study serving society
  • To implement translational research from the field of basic medicine to that of clinical medicine
  • To collaborate with other related departments on campus, other universities and the business community by drawing on the characteristics of university status, and to promote world-leading medical research

Admissions Policy

Expectations of Students

  • Students who are engaged in research tailored to clarify life phenomena, to overcome diseases, and to improve human health standards
  • Students who have intellectual curiosity, show the ability to analyze things logically, persevere as a team, and work as international leaders in each medical field