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Philosophy and Objectives


Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine and Hokkaido University School of Medicine lead the world with cutting-edge research in medical science, and aim to equip the next generation of medical researchers and medical professionals with a strong sense of ethics and a well-rounded character to contribute to the health and welfare of humanity.

Educational and Behavioral Objectives

Educational objective

To equip the next generation of doctors and medical researchers with extensive medical knowledge, a strong sense of ethics, a well-rounded character and the global outlook needed to contribute to advances in medical science and the practice and development of medical care

Behavioral objectives

  • To develop the fundamental medical knowledge and skills students require to become full-fledged doctors and medical researchers
  • To develop habits and attitudes for independent lifelong self-learning
  • To foster creativity based on scientific thinking/judgment and inquiring minds
  • To foster strong sense of ethics and well-round character that doctors and medical researchers require
  • To clarify the importance of international exchanges and develop necessary language skills, medical knowledge and cultural enrichment
  • To clarify the importance of teamwork and the roles of doctors in medical care

Admissions Policy

Students We Wish to Admit

1. Knowledge and skills
Students with a strong wish to learn and with basic scholastic abilities to be able to complete a variety of subjects
2. Intellect, judgment and expressiveness
Students with interests in and curiosity about phenomena, possessing comprehensive critical faculties and empathy
3. Independence, diversity and cooperativeness
Students who have positive attitudes and are reliable in cooperating with others
4. Sense of duty
Students who possess a high sense of ethics and a strong sense of responsibility, a spirit to serve with dedication and a humble yet noble sense of duty