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Clinical Medicine Course

This course aims to train clinicians who excel in clinical techniques and research competence.

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Clinical Medicine Course

This course aims to train clinicians who excel in clinical techniques and research competence. Rather than relying solely on the traditional research methods of basic medicine using model animals or cells, students gain the competence they need for research in clinical medicine by applying methods targeting human.
A system of Clinical Collaborative Departments is implemented for the students taking Clinical Medicine Course. Under this system, students can collect clinical data which may not be available at the university hospital, and can receive medical research instructions from institutions where advanced and specialized diagnoses, examinations and treatments are conducted which may not be feasible at the university hospital. This system combines theory with practice in education provided by multiple instructors including dedicated instructors and collaborative leading clinicians.

Clinical Collaborative Departments

A system of clinical collaborative departments was implemented to promote highly advanced clinical medicine research, and it was designed for Doctoral Program students who choose the Clinical Medicine Course. It aims at training students to be excellent clinicians with impeccable clinical skills and research acumen. Under this system, students can receive research instruction from leading clinicians of unique medical institutions where advanced, specialized diagnoses, examination and treatments are conducted and patients' data are collected, information which may not be readily available at the university hospital. Furthermore, full-time faculty members also provide consummate theoretical and practical education.

List of Hospitals Serving as Clinical Collaborative Departments (As of April 1, 2017)

  • Sapporo City General Hospital
  • National Hospital Organization Hokkaido Cancer Center
  • Hakodate Central General Hospital
  • Keiyukai Sapporo Hospital
  • Sapporo Azabu Neurosurgical Hospital
  • Tonan-Hospital
  • National Hospital Organization Obihiro National Hospital
  • National Hospital Organization Hokkaido Medical Center
  • Tomakomai City Hospital
  • Eniwa Hospital
  • Hokkaido Orthopaedic Memorial Hospital
  • National Hospital Organization Hakodate National Hospital
  • Keiwakai Ebetsu Hospital
  • Teine Keijinkai Hospital
  • Hokkaido Spinal Cord Injury Center
  • Hokkaido Neurosurgical Memorial Hospital
  • Hokkaido P.W.F.A.C. Sapporo-Kosei General Hospital
  • Hokkaido P.W.F.A.C Obihiro-Kosei General Hospital
  • Japanese Red Cross Asahikawa Hospital
  • Sapporo Medical Center NTT EC
  • Kashiwaba Neurosurgical Hospital
  • Steel Memorial Muroran Hospital
  • Kushiro Rosai Hospital
  • Hakodate Municipal Hospital

Message from Graduate Student

Research related to clinical medicine

Clinical Medicine Course
Department of Ophthalmology

Kiriko Hirooka

Greeting the spring of the third year in the graduate school doctoral program, while working as orthoptist in ophthalmology. My research is to investigate the morphological and functional blood flow in eye tissue, and using an image analysis device for diseases which cause circulatory disorders and hyper-perfusion of blood flows in the eye.

I have examined patient eyes at the outpatient clinic as an orthoptist and analyzed the collected data; this environment linking two jobs (orthoptist and graduate student) is highly attractive to me.

Visual information from the eyes provide about 80 percent of human sensory input. Every day that I am engaged in clinical work I feel that the study of vision makes it easier to feel the sensitive changes taking place.

My hope is for my research to contribute to clinical medicine.

(As of April 2017)

Kiriko Hirooka Kiriko Hirooka