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Long-Term Study Program

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Long-Term Study Program

1. Purpose

The standard term is 4 years. Long-Term Study Program (longer than four years) is offered for those who wish to study and acquire a degree through a long-term enrollment due to time limitations. Applicants are individually screened for eligibility.

2. Eligibility

Those who have difficulties in completing the program within the standard term due to personal reasons such as (1) full time jobs, (2) part time jobs (3) child-raising or a long-term nursing care, or (4) visual disabilities, auditory disabilities, physical disabilities or other disabilities are eligible to apply for this program.

3. Period of Enrollment

Students in Doctoral program may extend their term of study up to six years, and extension of study term can be applied the year as a unit. Students in a Long-Term Study Program are allowed to have four years leave as well as regular students.

4. Application Procedure

(1) Application Period
Please request at the time of application for admission. Application form is available at Student Affairs Office of the Graduate School of Medicine.
(2) Application Documents
Please submit the following documents to Student Affairs Office of the Graduate School of Medicine.
  1. i)   Application for the long-term study Program (Form 1-1)
  2. ii)  Reasons to apply to the Long-Term Study Program (Form 2)
  3. iii) Study plan of the long-Term Study Program (Form 3)
  4. iv) Documents to prove the need for the Long-Term Study Program

5. Shortening or re-extension of Long-Term Study Program

When deemed necessary by the Graduate School of Medicine, study term of Long-Term Study Program could be either shortened or re-extended once during the program.
Please contact Student Affairs Office of the Graduate School of Medicine for further information

6. Tuition Fees *

Annual tuition fee of the Long-Term Study Program is determined by dividing the total fees of the regular program of standard term (annual fee × 2 years) by the number of years allowed for the Long-Term Study Program. Tuition fee is non-refundable, and the tuition already been paid will not be adjusted.

* Please do NOT pay tuition fee of the Long-Term Study Program before receiving a notice of determination.