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Public Health Course

There are two courses: a two-year option for the development of individuals who will play active roles in the field of public health, and a one-year option for people who already have hands-on experience in training high-level specialists

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Public Health Course (Two-Year Course)

Public Health Course aims to develop human resources who are capable of playing active roles in addressing the challenges of public health with broad knowledge and high skills for the maintenance and improvement of the entire society and people's health, life and security.

Public Health Course (One-Year Course)

This course is intended for medical doctors (i.e. licensed physicians), dentists, pharmacist and other professionals with certain amount of practical experience, and aims to train, in one year, highly specialized professionals who play active roles in medical and public health fields.

This course will be established against the backdrop of growing public interest in health/medical problems and the aging and depopulation problems unique to Hokkaido, and provides education in five disciplines (Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health Services Administration, and Environmental Health Sciences) based on the essential criteria of the Council on Education for Public Health in the United States, thereby allowing students to acquire the extensive public health knowledge and skills necessary for highly specialized professionals.

Those who have chosen Public Health Course (either Two-Year Course or One-Year Course) should be affiliated with one Laboratory, selecting from Departments of Hygiene, Public Health, Health Care Policy, Biostatistics, Medical Education and General Medicine, Regulatory Science, Advanced Medical Sciences, Forensic Medicine, and Patient Safety.

※ Students should decide their preferred course during the application, and students will be allocated to either one- or two-year courses after the admission accounting for their preference. (Details will be informed after the admission.)

Message from Graduate Student

To protect many people from disease

Public Health Course (Two-Year Course)
Department of Public Health

SAITO Hiroshi

I study public health while working as a local public officer. The three major diseases in Japan, cancer, heart disease, and stroke, are lifestyle related. Healthcare tends to focus on treating these diseases, but partly due to COVID-19, I realized the importance of disease prevention and scientific evidence-based behavior change, and decided to study further.

Due to the academic characteristics of public health, I learn various people’s viewpoints through lectures and research activities, which is very exciting. Currently, I a m conducting a community survey. I hope to contribute to community health by alerting people to the importance of daily life.

(As of April 2022)

Message from a Graduate of the Public Health Course (One-Year Course)

Learn rather than get used to it

Public Health Course (One-Year Course)
Department of Hygiene
Master's degree completed in March 2020
(Working as a Physician)

YAZAKI Hiroshi

I am currently working at a home-care clinic as a physician. Through a variety of experiences both in Japan and abroad, I became interested in Public Health issues.

All the school days pass so fast with classes after work in the first half and intense meetings with the supervisor in the latter half. Though I belong to the Department of Hygiene, which is highly reputed for mathematical modelling of infectious diseases, my research topic was “Ambulance transport of patients with mild afflictions in Hokkaido, Japan”. It seems to have nothing to do with mathematical models, but I conducted an epidemiological research study with statistical analysis.

Whatever the topic, I learn methods to analyze facts, which it is worth investing my time in.

(As of April 2020)

YAZAKI Hiroshi