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A day for Akiyo Natsubori (Doctoral Program)

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Arriving at school

I walk to the Department of Chronophysiology, passing in front of Hokkaido University Hospital. I have a quick breakfast and finish the necessary paperwork before starting my experiments.


Moving to the animal experiment room

After measuring the quantity of water in each bottle, I replace rat cages quickly and deftly. A series of tasks should be completed efficiently within a given time period.


At the laboratory/office (my study room)

I prepare reagents for experiments, and organize research content.



When I can take some time for lunch, I eat in the cafeteria. After lunch, I ask a professor for advice on my research, or I share information with other students in the office.


In the culture laboratory

I prepare brain tissue slices with a microslicer and cut out cultured tissues under a microscope on the clean bench. I focus on my work in the culture lab, which is kept at a low temperature.


At a conference

A conference for all department members is held twice a week. This conference is being held to introduce research papers. It’s a productive meeting for collecting new information and expanding my knowledge.


In my study room

I spend quality time at night, too, working on my research paper and analysing data. After working as a clinician, I decided to study at Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine because it has a department of chronophysiology where I can undertake research on the subject that I’m interested in. I’ll further advance my research before completing the Doctoral Program.

(Interviewed in March 2012)

Department of Chronophysiology is not presently accepting applicants.