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As of April 1, 2018

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Physiological Science


Molecular Biology

Hisataka Sabe

  1. Cell integrity based on cellular metabolisms and nuclear geometry
  2. Nano structures controlling organelle dynamics
  3. Molecular bases of cancer therapeutic resistance

Medical Chemistry

Shigetsugu Hatakeyama Research Archives

  1. Ubiquitin system in protein degradation
  2. Intracellular signal in cancer and immune system
  3. Ubiqutination in regulation of gene expression


Anatomy and Embryology

Masahiko Watanabe Research Archives

  1. Visualization of expression and localization of neural signaling molecules
  2. Glial roles in neural development and function
  3. Molecular mechanisms for synaptic circuit development

Histology and Cytology

Toshihiko Iwanaga

  1. Functional morphology of gastrointestinal and genital tracts
  2. Histochemistry of transporters for nutrients
  3. Regulatory mechanism of cell growth, adhesion, and signaling by lectins
  4. Sensing mechanism in the mechanical and chemical sensory apparatuses


Cell Physiology

Yusuke Ohba Research Archives

  1. Visualization of cell functions using fluorescence bioimaging
  2. Spatiotemporal regulation of intra-and intercellular signal transduction
  3. Regulation of membrane dynamics
  4. Development and application of fluorescent biosensors

Systems Neuroscience

Masaki Tanaka Research Archives

  1. Neural control of voluntary movements
  2. Functional analysis of the frontal cortex
  3. Functional analysis of the cortico-basal ganglia loop
  4. Functional analysis of the cerebro-cerebellar interaction



Mitsuhiro Yoshioka Research Archives

  1. Neuropharmacological studies of the serotonergic system development and its dysfunction
  2. Neuropharmacological studies of the relationship between stress and emotional system
  3. Neuropharmacological studies of impulsivity
  4. Functions and molecular basic of local neuronal circuits for fear and anxiety

Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

Mitsuhiro Yoshioka

  1. Regulation of intracellular trafficking of G-protein coupled receptors
  2. Regulation of Ca2+ entry by G-protein coupled receptors
  3. Aberrant endothelin receptor signaling and onset/progression of pulmonary hypertension, diabetes mellitus and arteriosclerosis
  4. Identification of cytotoxic factors in cigarette smoke and molecular mechanisms for onset/progression of smoking-related diseases

Pathological Science



Masanori Kasahara

  1. Major histocompatibility complex and natural killer receptors
  2. Role of proteasomes in health and disease
  3. Pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases
  4. Tumor immunology
  5. Cancer stem cells
  6. Human pathology and surgical pathology

Cancer Pathology

Shinya Tanaka Research Archives

  1. Research for diagnostic and surgical pathology
  2. Analysis of brain tumor, soft tissue tumor, and respiratory disease
  3. Cancer stem cell research and drug development
  4. Signal transduction for various diseases including cancer
  5. Development of new bioimaging techniques for clinical application
  6. Translational pathology: Profiling analysis for decision of therapeutic agents
  7. Individual research based on student's interests

Microbiology and Immunology


Koichi Kobayashi

  1. Host protection mediated by TLR and NLR family proteins
  2. Nod2-dependent intestinal mucosal homeostasis and pathogenesis of Crohn's disease
  3. CITA/NLRC5: a key regulator of MHC class I genes
  4. Mechanisms of immune evasion by cancers

Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Jiro Arikawa

  1. Studies on the mechanism of pathogenicity of virus infection through molecular biological analysis and animal experimentation
  2. Studies on the diagnosis of infectious diseases
  3. Epidemiological study of zoonosis

Social Medicine

Social Medicine


Hiroshi Nishiura Research Archives

  1. Epidemiological studies of infectious diseases
  2. Theoretical epidemiology and bioinformatics using mathematical and statistical models
  3. Global health studies with particular focus on infectious diseases
  4. Application of mathematical models including risk analysis, demography and population dynamics
  5. Hygiene and environmental health studies (consultation in advance is required)

Public Health

Akiko Tamakoshi Research Archives

  1. Field study on diet and health
  2. Studies on unhealthy status and its related factors of the elderly
  3. Longitudinal study of age-related neuropsychiatric function among a community-based elderly
  4. Studies on lifestyle factors and health in adults
  5. Research on ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Issues) of epidemiological studies

Forensic Medicine

Mitsuhiro Yoshioka

  1. Studies on medico-legal diagnosis of cause of death, post-mortem interval, wounds, asphyxia and identification
  2. Studies on the mechanisms of generation concerning exogeneous unusual findings

Health Care Policy

Akiko Tamakoshi

  1. Study on measures of healthcare and welfare for community-dwelling people in low fertility and ageing society
  2. Epidemiological study on HIV/AIDS/STIs and other includes Zoonosis and Life-Related diseases
  3. Study on risk perception/management/communication for infectious diseases
  4. Development of indicators to measure/raise community awareness against diseases


Mitsuhiro Yoshioka

  1. Studies on the methodology of clinical trials
  2. Studies on the methodology of drug safety data analysis
  3. Studies on the multivariate data analysis

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Respiratory Medicine

Hirotoshi Akita , Ichizo Tsuzjino

  1. Prospective cohort studies of asthma and/or COPD
  2. Research on molecular mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment of thoracic malignancies
  3. Research on molecular mecahnisms of chronic airway disease and/or diffuse lung disease
  4. Basic/clinical research on pulmonary hypertension and cardiac sarcoidosis
  5. Basic/clinical research on respiratory infectious diseases
  6. Basic/clinical research on obesity and dysregulated glucose/lipid/protein metabolism

Rheumatology, Endocrinology and Nephrology

Tatsuya Atsumi Research Archives

  1. Basic and clinical research on autoimmune disorders
  2. Research on the pathophysiology, diagnosis and therapy of diabetes, obesity and dyslipidemia
  3. Research on the pathophysiology and therapy of endocrine diseases
  4. Basic and clinical research on renal diseases

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Naoya Sakamoto

  1. Research for pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases
  2. Research for pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of pancreatobiliary diseases
  3. Research for pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumor of digestive system
  4. Research for pathophysiology and treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases
  5. Research for pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases

Cardiovascular Medicine

Toshihisa Anzai

  1. Research on pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment for ischemic heart disease
  2. Molecular biological and clinical research on pathophysiology and treatment for heart failure
  3. Research on etiology, diagnosis, and treatment for idiopathic cardiomyopathy
  4. Research on molecular and genetic basis, diagnosis, and treatment for hypertension
  5. Research on etiology, diagnosis, and treatment for arrhythmia
  6. Development of non-invasive technique for diagnosis of heart disease

Medical Oncology

Hirotoshi Akita Research Archives

  1. Research on diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors
  2. Research on molecular pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of lung cancers and mediastinal tumors
  3. Research on molecular pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of tumors of the digestive organs
  4. Research on cancer drug therapy
  5. Research on molecular targeting therapy of cancer
  6. Research on genome analysis, companion diagnostics and precision medicine of cancer


Takanori Teshima Research Archives

  1. Research on molecular pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment of hematological malignancies
  2. Basic and clinical researches to improve outcome of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  3. Basic research to understand cellular & molecular biology of hematopoiesis
  4. Basic and clinical researches on cell therapies against viral infections and malignant diseases
  5. Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of immunodeficiencies, including AIDS
  6. Blood transfusion medicine

Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Radiation Medicine

Hiroki Shirato Research Archives

  1. Radiation Usage in Medical Research
  2. Diagnostic radiology using CT, MRI, and ultrasound
  3. Interventional radiology and vascular diagnostic imaging
  4. Neuroradiology
  5. Cardiac radiology
  6. Advanced X-ray Therapy
  7. Medical physics
  8. Radiobiology for Radiotherapy
  9. Particle Therapy, Proton Therapy

Nuclear Medicine

Hiroki Shirato

  1. Nuclear medicine diagnosis
  2. Tracer kinetics of nuclear medicine
  3. PET study
  4. Synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals
  5. Instrumentation of nuclear medicine
  6. Radioisotope treatment
  7. Molecular imaging

Radiation Oncology

Shinichi Shimizu

  1. Research for Radiotherapy
  2. Medical Research on Particle Therapy
  3. Biological Research on Particle Therapy
  4. Medical Physics on Particle Therapy



Gastroenterological Surgery I

Akinobu Taketomi

  1. Pathophysiology of alimentary tract diseases and their surgical managements
  2. Hepato-biliary-pancreatic malignancy and their surgical treatments
  3. Liver transplantation and artificial hepatic support
  4. Perioperative management, non-parenteral nutrition and multi-system organ failure
  5. Surgical oncology
  6. Echinococcosis
  7. Basic research and treatment on pediatric surgical oncology and pediatric hepatobiliary diseases
  8. Basic and clinical research on the function of pediatric digestive system

Gastroenterological Surgery II

Satoshi Hirano Research Archives

  1. Clarification of pathogenesis and development of surgical treatments of the malignancy of the digestive system
  2. Development of endoscopic surgery and its devices
  3. Clinical research for perioperative management of highly invasive digestive surgeries
  4. Study for multidisciplinary treatment of pancreato-biliary cancer
  5. Molecular research on biomarkers associated with oncological malignancy
  6. Exploring translational research on immunotherapy
  7. Analysis of immune responses in the tumor microenvironment
  8. Study of gene therapy for intractable cancers

Renal and Genitourinary Surgery

Nobuo Shinohara

  1. The mechanism of development of detrusor overactivity associated with lower urinary tract obstruction
  2. Neural transmitted pathway at the bladder stimulation
  3. The development of chronic rejection in transplanted kidney
  4. The analysis of immunology in renal transplantation and development of the treatment of immunological regulation
  5. The mechanism of carcinogenesis and progression in kidney cancer
  6. The mechanism of metastasis and progression of urothelial cancer
  7. QOL study on the treatment of prostate cancer
  8. The development of minimal invasive surgery

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Yoshiro Matsui

  1. Innovation of surgical intervention on severe congestive heart failure
  2. Research on extracorporeal circuit
  3. Autophagy in left ventriculoplasty
  4. Insulin resistance in postoperative atrial fibrillation
  5. Basic research on aortic valve plasty
  6. Endovascular stent graft therapy for aortic disease
  7. Development of minimally invasive thoracic surgery
  8. Surgery for lung cancer after chemoradiotherapy
  9. Lung transplantation
  10. Tumor angiogenesis of thoracic malignant tumors

Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

Yuji Morimoto

  1. Cerebral protection and resuscitation
  2. Circulatory, respiratory and neuronal responses to the perioperative stress (surgical, etc)
  3. Neurotoxicity by anesthetics
  4. Mechanism of general anesthesia
  5. Mechanism and treatment of pain
  6. Mechanism of respiratory cycle and effect of drugs
  7. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  8. Patient management system in the operating room and the medical economics

Acute and Critical Care Medicine

Yuji Morimoto

  1. Body responses to various insults - pathophysiology and their control -
  2. Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome - pathophysiology and treatment -
  3. Critical care medicine
  4. Cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation
  5. Toxicology
  6. Traumatology
  7. Disaster medicine
  8. Medical, transportation, and information system for acute medicine

Transplant Surgery

Akinobu Taketomi

  1. Basic studies for the safe use of Expanded Criteria Donor (ECD) grafts: improvement of organ storage and development of organ perfusion
  2. Novel methods to enhance the survival signal in the graft
  3. Basic study to construct cell resource bank of human liver-derived stem cells
  4. Experimental and clinical studies to establish immunological tolerance introduced by regulatory T cells and its evaluation of immunological status
  5. Basic studies for the improvement of the prognosis after cell transplantation

Specialized Medicine

Reconstructive Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine

Orthopedic Surgery

Norimasa Iwasaki Research Archives

  1. Tissue engineering for musculoskeletal tissue repair
  2. Etiology and pathogenesis of osteoarthritis
  3. Role of glycans and these regonizing molecules in bone and cartilage metabolism
  4. Pathophysiology of secondary osteoporosis
  5. Study of intervertebral disc apoptosis for prevention of the disc regeneration
  6. Basic research for elucidation of rheumatoid arthritis pathogenesis
  7. Regulation of arthritis and osteolysis by manipulation of inflammation
  8. Biomechanical evaluation of surgical efficacy for musculoskeletal disorders
  9. Regenerative medicine for spinal cord injury and peripheral nerve injury

Regenerative Medicine

Norimasa Iwasaki

  1. Research on molecular mechanisms of remodeling of the soft tissue graft materials in ligament reconstruction
  2. Development of tissue engineering scaffolds and artificial organs
  3. Development of in vivo spontaneous tissue regeneration strategies with clinical applicable biomaterials
  4. Development of minimally invasive surgery for the bone and the joint

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Yuhei Yamamoto

  1. Translational research in wound healing
  2. Translational research in treatment of keloid
  3. Development of surgical technique in free tissue transfer
  4. Basic research in surgical oncology
  5. Translational research of angiogenesis of vascular and lymphatic vessel
  6. Regenerative medicine based on tissue engineering method
  7. Development of therapeutic technique in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery

Reproductive and Developmental Medicine


Hidemichi Watari

  1. Molecular genetic research of primary immunodeficient diseases
  2. Molecular biological research for viral infectious disease in children
  3. Clinical and basic research for malignant diseases in children
  4. Clinical and basic research for endocrine diseases in children
  5. Clinical and basic research for neuro-muscular diseases in children
  6. Clinical and basic research of chromosomal abnormality and dysmorphology
  7. Immunopathological research for renal diseases in children
  8. Clinical and basic research for cardiovascular diseases in children
  9. Clinical and basic research in perinatal medicine
  10. Clinical and basic research of inheritant metabolic diseases
  11. Clinical and basic research of gene therapy

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Hidemichi Watari

  1. Studies on the cell biology involved in the cause of spontaneous abortion
  2. Basic studies on the physiology of fetus and amnion
  3. Clinical studies on the antenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy
  4. Studies on the development of new strategy for the management of complicated pregnancies
  5. Studies on the prophylaxis of preterm birth
  6. Studies on the prophylaxis of osteoporosis
  7. Studies on the regulation of osteoclasts
  8. Clinical studies on the treatment of infertility
  9. Intrafollicular physiology
  10. Regulatory mechanism of ovulation
  11. Molecular mechanism of genesis and metastasis of uterine cancer
  12. Novel treatment strategy for advanced cervical cancer
  13. Immunotherapy for ovarian cancer
  14. Chemoresistance of female reproductive cancer
  15. Molecular research of health maintenance in middle to elderly-aged women
  16. Molecular mechanism of placental growth and differentiation

Sensory Organ Medicine


Hiroshi Shimizu

  1. Molecular biological research of epidermis
  2. Research on pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of genetic skin disorders
  3. Research on pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune skin diseases
  4. Research on pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of malignant skin tumors
  5. Research on pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of atopic dermatitis
  6. Research on tissue engineering and wound healing
  7. Research on hair regeneration, and treatment of alopecia
  8. Research on novel therapeutic modalities for genetic skin disorders

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Akihiro Honma

  1. Basic research and clinical analysis for pathogenesis of sensorineural hearing loss
  2. Basic research and clinical analysis of sensorineural hearing loss by viral infection
  3. Basic research and clinical analysis of nasal allergy
  4. Basic research and clinical analysis of IgG4 related disease
  5. Immunological approach for head and neck cancer
  6. Basic research and clinical analysis of chemotherapy for head and neck cancer
  7. Molecular biologic studies on head and neck cancer


Susumu Ishida Research Archives

  1. Retinal cell biology
  2. Pathophysiology and treatment of uveitis
  3. Molecular genetics of ocular diseases
  4. Pathophysiology and treatment of ocular surface disease
  5. Ocular circulation
  6. Neuroprotection for glaucoma

Neurological Disorder


Ichiro Kusumi

  1. Psychopathology of psychiatric diseases
  2. Development of new psychotherapy techniques
  3. Development of new diagnostic techniques and new treatment of epilepsy
  4. Molecular genetic study of psychiatric diseases
  5. Development of animal models of psychiatric diseases and neuroscience
  6. Development of new psychotropic drugs and psychopharmacology
  7. Neuroimaging in psychiatric diseases
  8. Neurophysiological and neuropsychological study of psychiatric diseases


Kiyohiro Houkin

  1. Basic and clinical research on malignant glioma
  2. Basic and clinical research on cerebrovascular disorders
  3. Basic and clinical research on spinal cord disorders
  4. Translational research on CNS regeneration
  5. Surgical anatomy of skull base surgery
  6. Genomic research on cerebrovascular disorders
  7. Cerebral hemodynamics and metabolism
  8. Clinical research on pediatric neurosurgery


Hidenao Sasaki

  1. Clinical neuroelectrophysiology
  2. Immunohistochemistry of muscles and peripheral nerves
  3. Molecular biology and genetics for neurological disorders
  4. Basic studies for the disease mechanism and therapeutic approach in neuroimmunological disorders
  5. Biomarkers in neurological disorders
  6. Cogitive brain function
  7. Neuroepidemiology

Advanced Medicine for Spine and Spinal Cord Disorders

Norimasa Iwasaki

  1. Experimental study of intervertebral disc disease
  2. Research for spinal fusion and instrumentation
  3. Minimally invasive surgery for spine and spinal cord disorders
  4. Basic and clinical research for osteoporotic vertebral fracture

Ocular Circulation and Metabolism

Susumu Ishida

  1. Development of novel methodology for image analysis
  2. Quantification of retinal vascular change
  3. Bio-imaging of molecular function
  4. Quantification of ocular circulation
  5. Bio-imaging of neuronal metabolism

Advanced Therapeutic Research for Sports Medicine

Norimasa Iwasaki , Eiji Kondo

  1. Investigation and regulation of the healing and remodeling process of extracellular matrix
  2. Development of minimally invasive anatomical ligament reconstruction
  3. Development of joint reconstruction surgery
  4. Development of rehabilitation for sports injury
  5. Development of biocompatible material

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Takuya Saito

  1. Neuroimaging studies of ADHD
  2. Early intervention studies of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  3. Studies of Child depression and Bipolar disorder
  4. Early intervention studies of Child and Adolescent suicide
  5. Study of objective evaluation of child irritability
  6. Suggestion associated pediatric medication development
  7. Development of assessment of Dyslexia
  8. Epidemiological study of internet addiction in childhood
  9. Multicenter oxytocin clinical trial of adult ASD
  10. Identifying physiological and cognitive endophenotypes of ASD in order to establish objective measurement of treatment effect towards ASD

Advanced Research for Functional Analysis and Regulation of Locomotor System

Norimasa Iwasaki

  1. Development of simple and non-invasive method to monitor locomotor system
  2. Application of gait analysis system for supplementary diagnosis
  3. Regeneration of central nervous system with stem cell therapy
  4. Novel regenerative therapy for peripheral nervous system
  5. Development of a novel drug to protect brain spinal cord blood barrier

Advanced Clinical Glycobiology

Norimasa Iwasaki

  1. Method development for glycomic analysis of glycoconjugates
  2. Molecular mechanism of osteoarthritis by glycomics approach
  3. Search for glycolipid-related markers during chondrocyte differentiation
  4. Glycan-related biomarker discovery for various liver disease
  5. Diagnostic marker discovery associated with glioma
  6. Comprehensive serum glycomics for clinical study
  7. Basic glycobiological research for pathological mechanism

Interdisciplinary Medicine

Medical Biology


Haruyuki Kamiya

  1. Neurobiology of axon
  2. Neurobiology of synapse

Human Evolution Studies

Mitsuhiro Yoshioka

  1. Evolution and functional adaptation of skeletal morphology
  2. Analysis of bone cross-sectional geometry using CT images
  3. Development of morphological analysis methods of human fossils
  4. Study on the pattern and mechanism of human evolution
  5. Human-environment relationships in Eurasian Paleolithic
  6. Archaeometry of obsidian
  7. Research on prehistoric cultures of Hokkaido